Let’s Do The Time Warp (Again!!)


As with all good things, this once-in-a-lifetime trip had to come to an end at some point. The transition from New Zealand On-Vacation-Gal to Back-In-California-And-Returning-To-Reality-Gal is going to be an interesting one! How did I spend my last half day …

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Days Fifty Nine and Sixty: Waitangi Day in Sumner


Christchurch is getting ready for a public holiday tomorrow (6th of February) and I spent most of the day as I have been doing… wandering around aimlessly and seeing what I came across. I’m not going to post much from …

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Day Fifty Eight: Halswell Quarry Park


Just the best part of my day: an evening walk with friend Darryl and (borrowed) neighbor’s dog, Ava. It was the first time we had her in the car and OH MY GOODNESS the doggie excitement could barely be contained! …

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Day Fifty Five/Six/Seven: Where’d I get to?


Christchurch, my friends, Christchurch! I’ll be wrapping up my time here in New Zealand soon and I’m staying with my (very generous!) friend Darryl on Tennyson Street in a neighborhood called Beckenham. For the most part I’m spending my days …

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Day Forty Nine: Sign of the Kiwi walk


While I knew there was no way in heck I was going to even think about doing a lot of walking today, I did realize that it would do me good to get out and about eventually. After a s-l-o-w …

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Day Forty Eight: The Record Buster!


I’m proud to say that today I broke my step-count record, which was set in Wellington on Day Ten. This time I topped it by a couple thousand steps, so I don’t think I’ll be breaking that record for a …

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Day Forty Five: Island Hopping…again!!


This was it– My last day on the north island! Which started WAY too early due to my typical oversleep-and-miss-the-alarm-and-flight anxiety, meaning that I was pretty much awake shortly after 1 in the morning and I didn’t manage to go …

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Day Thirty Four: Train to Picton, Ferry to Wellington!


I was not joking when I said that we had a 6:15 a.m. pick up scheduled this morning! The Coastal-Pacific rail line runs from Christchurch up the east coast of the south island to Picton. And it leaves at 7 …

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Day Thirty Three: Christchurch and a Birthday Dinner


Just for reference, day 33 of my trip was 10 January 2014. That is my friend Darryl’s birthday, so we made sure to be in Christchurch so we could go out to dinner with him after he closed his book …

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Day Twenty One: Christchurch to Blenheim


Morning in Christchurch = overcast and sprinkly. We stopped into Bean Scene for breakfast / coffee: We all wandered over toward the CBD, with the ultimate goal of getting to Arts Centre Bookshop to see my friend Darryl and to …

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