How NOT to start your vacation (Hint: Check your pockets!)

Most of the time I like to consider myself a fairly organized person. In fact, I’d guess that the majority of the people who know me would say that I’m “organized” to the point of obsessive about some things. Which is why I want you to remember back to one of my favorite movies– Thelma and Louise— and think about what was happening when they were packing for their trip. Thelma’s running around grabbing things and eating a candy bar at her house and Louise is calmly and carefully getting things NEATLY packed and put away in baggies. She even wipes out her glass before she walks out of the house. I’m more like Louise in that way, and while I was packing things and getting ready to be gone for a week I figured I might as well get ALL of my laundry done so I put the things I was wearing into the wash with the existing pile of laundry and got into my cozy flannel pajamas. It was about 20 minutes later that I wanted to look up something on my iphone 4S. And I couldn’t find it. Not in the kitchen, not in the car, not in the livingroom, not in….well, ANYWHERE!! I grabbed the house phone and called my cell so I could hear it ring and track it that way. Nothing. I checked on my computer using the “find my iphone” function and saw that it was indeed in the house. And then it hit me, like a ton of bricks, that it was quite possibly in the washing machine. And that meant that it had been in there for THIRTY FOUR MINUTES. I have a front-loading machine, so I had to wait for it to spin and then I canceled the rest of the cycle (second rinse and another spin) and in a panic I pulled out the jeans that I’d had on. And yes, the phone was there in a pocket. It was still powered on (which is how the computer tracked it). I pulled the cover off and dried what I could reach and it seemed to work, except there was no sound at all so it couldn’t make or receive calls. Not a good thing to have happen right before leaving town! I turned it off and wrapped it in a bandanna and put it into a bag of New Zealand sea salt overnight. I finished packing. I prayed to the Apple/Iphone Gods that they’d smile upon me. I really don’t want to upgrade my phone to the 6, as I’m holding out until the 7 comes out either this year or next. As a backup plan I looked up the hours of the cell phone and Apple stores– just in case I was forced to replace the phone before I left Santa Rosa with Tui the teardrop. Bright and early the next morning I pulled it out of the salt and turned it on. WAHOO!!! Sound and power both worked. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I don’t know how many karma points that cost me, but it was worth it. Now I was truly ready to roll!!

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