Ten THOUSAND days!?!

I popped onto my blog to look at something and was stunned to see that the little widget on the left hand side has passed the ten thousand day mark. How on earth can that be true? I’ll be the first person to admit that this quote is OH SO TRUE!:

Art by Mary Englebreit

Art by Mary Englebreit

It was my intention, when I returned from The Big Trip in February 2014, to continue to blog. And here is where my deceased mother’s voice chimes in the back of my head with “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Now I find myself– an embarrassingly long time since my return –finally beginning to do a catch-up post. It’s been a while, but I do have some really fun things to share. And yes, I do promise to also update my reading history for those of you who are keeping track of that as well!!

Stay tuned, there’ll be more to come…including a road trip with Tui the Teardrop!!

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