Maori Words: Aroha Means Love

It’s definitely in the air at the moment. Valentine’s Day decorations and pink and red hearts are everywhere. Aroha is something that I have experienced a lot of while in New Zealand. From random strangers I’ve met in my wanderings, to people I knew somewhat and have come to know better, I found that the spirit of Aroha has permeated many of my interactions over the past two months.


What follows is some information I got from a website a long time ago (which, unfortunately inactive, so I cannot just do a link to it.)

Aroha is a Maori (and now New Zealand English) word with many layers of meaning. The light translation is love.

Teacher and tohuna Ruth Makuini Tai explains:

“The word Aroha holds a premier position within the Maori language of Aotearoa New Zealand. Maori language and practise holds the memory of a time when the force of Aroha was understood and respected by all. Aroha is the creative force behind all dreams. Aroha defines great leadership, ensures personal success, inspires us to go the extra mile. Aroha means Love. However when we explore its roots Aroha yields a profound message about love that is not widely understood.

ARO is thought, life principle, to pay attention, to focus, to concentrate
RO is inner, within, introspection
HA is life force, breath, energy
OHA is generosity, prosperity, abundance, wealth”

Aroha may be described as the binding force of all that is.

And that, my friends, is the way it should be!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. jerry thompson says:

    Very nice… and that is the way it should be. Hey you wild fabulous ladies! Thank you for the post cards! You guys ROCK! Jerry

  2. Robert Starkey says:

    Thinking of you today.

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