Day Thirty Two: Dunedin to Christchurch

You think we drove a lot yesterday? Well guess what?! It’s another DRIVING day. One way to make sure that you’re going to have a really good day is to have chocolate for breakfast, right? How terribly convenient for us that Cadbury World had space for the five of us on a 9 a.m. chocolate tour!

Dunedin Cadbury 1

Dunedin Cadbury 2

Dunedin Cadbury 3 giant bunny

A mountain of chocolate bars!

A mountian of chocolate bars!

Dunedin Cadbury 5 old truck

We went INSIDE the purple tower. It has a very large liquid chocolate waterfall demo.

We went INSIDE the purple tower. It has a very large liquid chocolate waterfall demo.

As soon as you actually start the tour they show you a short movie about the history of Cadbury Chocolate, and the role that Dunedin played. Each person on the tour is given a goodie bag containing a variety of Cadbury chocolates. After that you’re escorted, one purple-overall-wearing guide at either end of your group, to large lockers where they confiscate all purses, back packs, bags, cell phones, cameras and video equipment. Because the production line was shut down for the holidays (yes, they’re STILL celebrating New Year over here at some shops/restaurants/chocolate factories!) we got the short tour, about 45 minutes, and we did not go into the factory itself. It really did feel a bit like being the winner of The Golden Ticket in the Willie Wonka movies to be inside a chocolate factory first thing in the morning. We learned that Jaffas take about 24 hours to make.

Just around the corner from the Cadbury Factory is the world famous Dunedin Railway Station, so we took a look at that before leaving town. I’ll be here again later to take the gorge train trip.

Dunedin train station 1

Dunedin train station 2

Dunedin train station 3 history plaque

Dunedin train station 4 platform

Dunedin train station 5 Dunedin and clock

Dunedin train station 6 stained glass

Dunedin train station 7 NRZ door

Dunedin train station 8 directions post

We did two stops on the way up the coast to Christchurch, the first one was at Moeraki Boulders:

Boulders 1

Boulders 2

boulders 3

Boulders 4

Boulders 5

boulders 6

View from above the Moeraki Boulder beach.

View from above the Moeraki Boulder beach.

And the second stop was a Oamaru, where we spent the most time in a wonderfully FUNKY place called Steampunk HQ. The shots I took indoors really didn’t work, as much of the interior is very dark. There are some great sculptures in the outside side yard too.

I have no idea who is supposed to consume this, so don't ask me!

I have no idea who is supposed to consume this, so don’t ask me!

Oamaru 2 front of bldg with train

Oamaru 3

Oamaru 4

Oamaru 5 bull

Oamaru 6 bull 2

Oamaru 7 generator

Oamaru 8 generator 2

Oamaru 8 stairs to where

Oamaru 9 flies on building

Oamaru 9

Oamaru 10

Oamaru 11

Oamaru 12

Oamaru 13 building

Oamaru 14 more buildings

Oamaru 15 book binder

Oamaru 16 couple

Oamaru 17 steampunk gal

Oamaru 18 Slightly Foxed

Oamaru 18 Steampunk event poster

Oamaru 19 Slightly Foxed 2

Oamaru 20 Harbourside Station

Oamaru 21 St John's Church

And the FINAL stop of the day: Christchurch!!

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2 Responses to Day Thirty Two: Dunedin to Christchurch

  1. EO says:

    OMG – this day was awesome from top to bottom!
    Congrats on winning the Golden Ticket! And the rest of the day sure hit some high points: lovely train station, amazing boulders, super steampunk – oh, my!
    Good thing I read this while at work – it brightened the day a tad 🙂

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