Whanau = Family



There are some words that I’ll be sharing with you over the next few weeks. I think it’s appropriate to start with whanau, which is the te reo Maori word for extended family. I may be on the other side of the Pacific Ocean from my family, but it’s something that I am thinking about a lot as I realize just how many of my family members there are on my Postcards-To-Be-Sent list! There’s a strong sense of another sort of family that I am also feeling over here– the family that we create with friends and neighbors. One of my neighbors, Beth, is in the hospital and it’s really hard to not be there to go visit and lend support to my tiny little lane family. Beth is the sweetest woman, and she left me a wonderful phone message before I came to New Zealand telling me to have a great time and that their family will help keep an eye on my house while I’m gone. It was just a day or so after that that she fell ill. I’m sending lots of love over a very long physical, but a very short heart distance. Be well, Beth. We love you. While I won’t be gathered around the Christmas tree with my family this year, I will take time to appreciate everyone that I consider to be “my people”.

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  1. Mary Pat says:

    loving your blog…it’s amazing fun.. you are a professional Blogger… and I hope I am a part of you Whanau…I must be, I received a post card. <3

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