Day Fifteen: Napier – Lake Taupo – Rotorua

On the road again! This time it was from Art Deco Napier to Geothermally Active (read: smells like sulphur!) Rotorua. In order to break the drive into parts that my body could handle we stopped along the way at Lake Taupo for lunch and Huka Falls on the way out of Taupo. Not a lot to report from the drive. Good road, traffic was flowing plenty smoothly. As it’s the start of New Zealand’s fairly extended Christmas holidays, there were more vehicles towing caravans (campers) than we usually see. Lake Taupo is VERY famous amongst fishermen for it’s trout fishing and other sporty activities. No surprise that the trout image pops up in a lot of places around town!

Trout Street Grate,  Lake Taupo

Trout Street Grate,
Lake Taupo

But first things first: A new discovery, Robert Harris Coffee.

Robert Harris coffee shop Lake Taupo

Robert Harris coffee shop Lake Taupo

1 Robert Harris coffee TaupoI really like their attitude, which was on the side window of the shop:

1 Robert Harris take a seat

Walking around the shops across we ran into:

Elephant Piggy Bank  Christmas Tree

Elephant Piggy Bank
Christmas Tree

Recycled ski bench

Recycled ski bench

1 pretty trash 5

1 pretty trash 4

1 pretty trash 3

1 pretty trash 2

1 pretty trash 1

There was a lot of Kiwi pride (and salesmanship) up for two NZ music artists, Lorde,  a teenager who is from Devonport (Auckland) and Fat Freddy’s Drop a dub/reggae band from Wellington.

Lorde Pure Heroine

Lorde Pure Heroine

Fat Freddy's Drop

Fat Freddy’s Drop

Then there was some local fashion on display that darn near forced me into rushing to purchase some sun glasses.

Serious about her pink!

Serious about her pink!

Just outside of town is Huka Falls, which is well worth stopping at if you’re in the area!

1 Huka Falls 1

1 Huka Falls 2

1 Huka Falls 3

1 Huka Falls 4

1 Huka Falls 5

1 Huka Falls 6

1 Huka Falls 7

1 Huka Falls 8

This is NOT a trail!

This is NOT a trail!

...but this is!

…but this is!

Huka Falls 11

Huka Falls 12

Once we got to Rotorua we a) noticed that it really does smell like rotten eggs. b) checked into our lodging for the next 3 nights c) went to check out the town and find something for dinner. We found an excellent place called Fat Dog Cafe and Bar:

Fat Dog 1

Fat Dog 2 Fat Dog is alive

Keeping it light, soup and a Tui.  Yeah, right!

Keeping it light, soup and a Tui. Yeah, right!

A post-dinner wander was very productive! We located a Robert Harris Coffee Shop to have breakfast in and also found the local movie house to purchase a ticket for a movie for the next day. A few other things we saw:

carved tiki

Tile overview

tile detail

Tui on the box. It's some kind of utility box.

Tui on the box. It’s some kind of utility box.

Tui on the box artist

     Vibration Training?  Not sure I want to know.

Vibration Training?
Not sure I want to know.

Rotorua large fish hook

We ended the evening with a trip to the local Countdown store to get some drinks and snacks. It being near to a holiday, the store was a madhouse of shoppers stocking up for their upcoming Christmas meals. Not the best time to be there. New World in Wellington called them trollies, but here at Countdown (at least in Rotorua!) they’re trundlers.

Countdown Trundler return

Eggs 2

Eggs, no fridge needed!

Eggs, no fridge needed!

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