Welcome New Readers!

The countdown continues, and D-day (that’s D for Departure!) approaches rapidly. I managed to get one heck of an impressive amount of things done around the house on Thanksgiving Day. I can finally say that I’ve completed several projects that have been delayed for way too long, and that feels marvelous. And for some odd reason I managed to clock 11,000 steps without even leaving the house other than pulling my car down the block so that I could paint some boards in the driveway.

It was a fairly slow day at the bookstore today, as the Black Friday shopping madness doesn’t stray down to our part of downtown. I got out letters to most of my book sales reps, redirecting them to the staff people they’ll need to contact while I’m gone. Talked to a long time customer who came in with his son, who is now in high school. It’s been amazing to watch as the “little kids” who I met years ago in the children’s section have grown up and are traveling and doing other wonderful things– including some writing of their own and some have gone on to college to study topics that they became interested in because they first met the idea in a book from our store!!

I’ve started the book Luminaries, which is set in Hokitika, New Zealand. A town that I now know is pronounced hawk-a-tika and not hoe-ka-tika. LIke the town of Wanaka, I find that as an American I almost always want to put the stress on the wrong part of the name! At least by the time I get back I’ll have a few more names properly stored in my head! At least some of the town names are “easy” because they’re British sounding. Christchurch, Greymouth and Dunedin come to mind.

And if I can manage it, I’ll leave you with a link to an Air New Zealand commercial that I just saw. You have to love these people for coming up with it!

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  1. Mary Pat says:

    I am SOOOOO excited for your return to NZ… I pray for safe travel where ever you go during the next couple months… and I hope for magic and music, friends and fun, experiences of wonder beyond your expectations; just roll around in it, fly in it, memorize each movement and moment.
    love, mp

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