The REAL countdown is here!

Well folks, this is it… Yesterday I hit the “30 days before departure” mark, and let me tell you this: In spite of the fact that I’ve been counting down for almost 10,000 days, it hit me like a ton of bricks that in ONE MONTH I’ll be leaving. And am I ready? Well, that’s a simple question with a complicated answer. In many ways, I’m VERY ready. I have a dresser drawer that contains almost all of the items that I’ll be putting in my suitcase and carry-on bag. Much of the trip planning, at least the parts that needed pre-departure planning, is done. Not quite all put on the shared ical yet, but I’m working on that. I’ve updated and printed out and mailed the medical emergency letters to my cats vets. I’ve paid both my health and travel insurance premiums through my return. Just talked to the cell phone company yesterday about international coverage and arranged to get my phone unlocked before I leave, in case I find a cheap carrier and want to buy a prepaid SIM card. (You know I don’t really speak “tech” but I think I understand how it works!) And how about everything else? Not so ready. I find my head full of lists of things I need to do, and it can be anything from a customer/sales rep to contact about my being gone, to remembering to pack tweezers, or changing my email address on a bunch of accounts to the one I will be using while I’m not checking my usual (work) email. Many times I day something will flash into my head– and just as often flash right back out the other side of it before I write it down or deal with it!

And don’t get me started about how absolutely crazy-making this particular Mercury in Retrograde has been for me, the book store, and almost everyone I know! Egads, will I be glad to see the end of this one! Computers and technology have certainly been on the blink, normal communications are strained, and we’re being FORCED to slow down. I know that a lot of people are feeling like the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back is descending their way soon. A word to all: BREATHE! This too shall pass, and after Sunday November 10th when Mercury goes direct again we’ll start to feel things lighten up a bit. I won’t even pretend to know enough about astrology to explain anything in detail, but I DO know that I take retrogrades seriously! There’s a lady I met recently, Yerevan Yacoubian, that has a great website: and she does fantastic work if you’re in the Bay Area!

I recently finished a middle grade novel called Time Fetch by Amy Herrick and in it the actual fabric of time (and human life as we know it!) is threatened by some tiny little critters who eat time. Normally they collect only moments that we wouldn’t miss, but something happens and they are set loose in Brooklyn and OH MY does havoc ensue! I am kind of feeling like they’ve invaded my life these past few days– I swear that my days are WAY shorter than they should be and I rush rush rush and still don’t get enough done. And now that I’ve said that, it’s time to get back to work!!

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  1. Gretchen says:

    I’m glad I can blame Mercury in retrograde for this horrible month.
    Added Time Fetch to our list!
    Hang in there. Even if you don’t get everything done, you’ve got enough done.

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