Poof!! And half the time has gone!

Would some one please explain to me how in the heck the THIRTY days I wrote about in my last post has been reduced to half of that? Yes, yes, I know. Time waits for no one. Well let me tell you this: Time flies, whether you’re having fun or not. And quickly to boot!!

Two Saturdays from now, in the evening, I’ll be on an airplane heading for New Zealand. And all the long list of things I wanted to get done before I left will have been done. Or not. And within that realization lies a bitter pill that I must swallow if I am to keep what little of my sanity remains at this frenzied point in my life. I will not possibly be able to get it all done. The To-Do List is too long and time is too short. Things will be messy (drat!) and not every single step of what I do at work will be documented so that others may flawlessly do my job in my absence. What I must do is let perfection go and trust that those I am leaving behind here at home will be fine without me and my direction. The problems that arise will be dealt with to the best of everyone’s abilities and life goes on. And I’ll be darned it all that doesn’t take me full circle to a book that I read in the early 1990’s called You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought by Peter McWilliams. There were a lot of “lessons” that I learned by reading it, but if I can be so bold as to sum it up I’d say this: What it taught me to do is take every single negative “What if…” thought and change it to “So what if…”. Let me tell you, it was life-changing! I was raised by a World Class Champion Worry Wart. And the ability to foresee the negative possibilities has a lot of value. But, putting that SO in front of the What if allows me to work right through the worry and anticipate what I would need to do to deal with the potential problem. Can you spell l-i-b-e-r-a-t-i-n-g? Oh yes!!  So I pack band-aids, take out a travel insurance policy, stock up on things we’d need at work while I’m away. And then here’s the really beautiful part: then I go on about my business and don’t worry about it any more. Like the main character in the adorable children’s picture book Scaredy Squirrel by Melanie Watt who spends his time being afraid to venture in The Unknown and preparing for every disaster, I fully expect to find out what I’m capable of in a couple of weeks when I leave behind the familiar routine and travel to someplace so very far away that it is going to be summer!!

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