Big Sur… in a word: WOW!!

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Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

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Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park 36.237380, -121.770421 Big Sur, 47555 CA-1, CA 93920, United States (Directions)

I’ve driven past it, but had never stopped in Big Sur. I can guarantee you that I will go again, as there is so much more to explore!  Tui was hooked up late Saturday morning and then we were off… crawling through Golden Gate Park because wouldn’t you know it… Hardly Strictly Bluegrass was happening and everyone and their brother was apparently attending which slowed traffic through San Francisco down quite a lot. Once we were past that it was smooth sailing all the way down to Pfeiffer Big Sur State park along the coast. About 3 1/2 hours drive time, which isn’t too bad!

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

There were helpful people at the entry gate who got us oriented quickly and sent us off on our way to find our campsite. The way this one was oriented Tui ended up parked alongside the Nissan. All the campsites were full, which is no surprise based on how very quickly they sell out online as soon as dates are available. I felt VERY lucky to have scored two nights, and my goodness the weather was amazingly warm and wonderful.

Glamping? Oh yes!

I am very happy to report that the propane line worked perfectly, and that I was finally able to use the camp stove that I bought specifically for Tui. The way the trailer is built there is a small propane tank on the tongue (part that gets attached to the car) and then a flexible line runs under the side of the trailer back to a quick release valve near the galley. The stove’s gas line just gets popped onto the valve and, well, you’re cooking with gas! Sunday morning included a nice hike up to both a waterfall and Valley View trail.

Valley View hike 1

Pfeiffer Falls

Pfeiffer Falls

Then on Sunday afternoon it was off to the coast to check out a place that a friend had told me was a “must see”. And he was so very right!

Nepenthe entry sign

How could anyone object to being told that they’d have to wait half an hour for a table when this is where you wait?!

Nepenthe bleachers

Nepenthe bar and deck

This was the view from where we had lunch:

Nepenthe view

And yes, lunch includes dessert when you’re Glamping!

Banana cream pie 2 Nepenthe latte


Just a bit further down the coast is this spectacular view:

California Coast 3

The next day there was time for another hike before hitting the road, and this time it was Buzzard’s Roost Loop. The trail was beautiful, and climbed a fair amount in a short time. It made me realize that I am really not in very good shape these days. I will say that it was stunning to see how many people go on hikes without taking any water with them. We saw an awful lot of folks who were looking pretty uncomfortable in the warm weather while huffing up the trails! The view from the top was well worth the climb. We could see all the way out to the ocean, and it was clear clear clear!

Buzzard's Roost Loop sign

dippy trail 1

Pretty, but it's still Poison Oak!

Pretty, but it’s still Poison Oak!

Amazing Buzzard's View 2

Amazing Buzzard's View 3

I’m really glad for the two day break from work, and it made me realize that getting out doors and exploring is something that I need to do a lot more of! There are so many parts of California that I’ve never been to, or have not been to in many years, that I would love to see over the next few years. The map I have of California State Parks has WAY more parks than I ever knew we had, and I plan on seeing a whole lot of them with Tui!


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