Day Fifty Eight: Halswell Quarry Park

Just the best part of my day: an evening walk with friend Darryl and (borrowed) neighbor’s dog, Ava. It was the first time we had her in the car and OH MY GOODNESS the doggie excitement could barely be contained! I thought I was going to be totally covered in dog slobber before we made it out of the driveway, but once we got rolling she settled down and enjoyed the ride. There’s nothing like taking a dog out to remind you how to be “in the moment” and just enjoy life! The destination: Halswell Quarry Park, which has been turned into a marvelous place for both humans and dogs. There are HUGE open grassy areas that dogs are allowed to run off-leash, and our young four-legged friend took full advantage of being able to run full-tilt and fast.
Toward the end of our time there we even found a left-behind tennis ball that we put to good use playing fetch before leaving it for the next lucky finder.

Halswell 1 red gate

Halswell 2 map

Halswell 3 stone

Halswell 4 stone

Halswell 5 stone

Halswell 6

Halswell 7

Good Dog! Presenting Miss Ava

Good Dog!
Presenting Miss Ava

Halswell 9

Halswell 10

Halswell 11

Halswell 12

Halswell 13

Halswell 14

Just had to get up there...

Just had to get up there…

Goofing off on the moon bridge.

Goofing off on the moon bridge.

Part of the Pacific Northwest garden.

Part of the Pacific Northwest garden.

Halswell 18

Halswell 19

Time Capsule Stone Marker

Time Capsule Stone Marker

At the base of the quarry

At the base of the quarry

NO CLIMBING, got it?!!

NO CLIMBING, got it?!!

Cool looking, eh?

Cool looking, eh?

Halswell 24

By the time we were done and back at the car it was finally getting dark. I’m loving the long days here in Christchurch, we can be out walking until 9 and not need a flashlight (“torch” to you NZ’ers!).

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4 Responses to Day Fifty Eight: Halswell Quarry Park

  1. EO says:

    Dog Ava is such a cutie – what a good portrait of her happy little self!
    Somebody clearly likes walkies :-)

  2. Gretchen says:

    Aww, you’re making me miss Rudy! So true about dogs making you live in the moment.

  3. Dian says:

    Wish i’d seen the Pacific Northwest Garden in person… thanks for the pics!

  4. Robert Starkey says:

    Ava reminds me of Zoe’s puppy pictures. I think it’s cute that you walked a black and white dog on Zoe’s 16th birthday.

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